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We want to dedicate this Gospel Web Page with videoes to our many friends, customers, and Christian brothers and sisters within the Gospel church community. For 30 years it has been our privilege to serve Gospel churches by providing the finest available Hammond B3 and C3 model organs with Leslie speakers.

The pastors, music ministers, organists, Bishops, deacons, church secretaries, and church members with whom we have come in contact, have truly been a blessing to meet and do business. Our thanks to your for your business, and for the trust and confidence you have given us when placing your orders.

We believe that the Hammond B3 and C3 organ with Leslie speaker, when properly restored, is a vital component of both the traditional and contemporary worship service.

Our prayer is that we will be able to continue to serve your current needs and those in the future. One of the blessings of the Internet is that you are now able to find these very rare instruments at Keyboard Exchange International, and that we can connect and communicate with you in a very cost effective manner.

We are adding an application for credit approval so that your church can apply and be pre-approved for the necessary funds for an organ purchase. We hope this helps you. Please feel free to email us any questions you may have.

Thank you to the many churches who have financed their equipment with Keyboard Exchange International with ZERO interest! Now we are often sending PAID IN FULL receipts to you so you have clear title and clear ownership to the equipment you purchased. Each time we send out PAID IN FULL receipts we are reminded that we worked together with you to make something good happen for your church. Now you can use Keyboard Exchange International as one of your credit references. Your faithful payments have also been good for us so please accept our heart felt gratitude. Additionally, your faithfulness and on time payments have made it easier for other churches to be accepted for our in house financing programs. We firmly believe that every church who wants a restored Hammond with Leslie be given the opportunity! Please review our many financing options available to churches and select the one that you prefer.

Financing Options for Gospel Organist's!

Keyboard Exchange is proud to offer many different ways to finance the new organ of your dreams. Please visit our finance page to learn more about these options. You can see the selection of organs we have available on our inventory page or you can learn more about our church organs on our dedicated church organ page. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

In this YouTube video, Bishop Ronald E. Brown shows us a fine example of how a Hammond organ, backing up preaching, brings a whole new level to the service!

Here is an excellent example of the Hammond organist "backing up the preacher" sometimes referred to as "adding punctuation" to the preaching
This is an excellent video from GospelMusicians called - Is there an organist in the house?
Introducing Randolph Carter
Attention all Pastors & Musicians Enhance your Worship Experience

Attention Preachers! What is backing you up?
Chop & Shout
Jayden Arnold @ the annual womens convention in Atlanta
Wendell Lowe Unbelieveable Organ Solo

from Jim Huss "Kudos to Aaron Shields and his remarkable talents!" If you appreciate excellent musicianship and the B3 sound then this is a video you will both enjoy and be blessed to hear. Also, please note that the actual model of the organ is a C3 which, as I have mentioned thousands of times to our customers, produces the B3 sound that we all love to hear. The B3, C3 and A-100 model organs, and a few others can produce this sound HOWEVER it is a combination of both the organ, the Leslie, and the restoration process that is now required for every 60 year old Hammond organ. These instruments MUST be properly maintained by a qualified technician and/or fully restored internally for best result. I thought it worth mentioning again that the B3 sound is available often at as much as half the price of a B3. Still, most will prefer a B3 if within budget. Keyboard Exchange International has many from which to choose in all price ranges ALL with the true B3 sound. Easy financing for churches, great service after the sale, as well as a lifetime collection of needed parts to support our customers long term. Thank you Aaron Shields for sharing your gifts with the world on Youtube

Excellent Gospel Video

"Kudos to Mr Cory Henry and the great musicians you are about to enjoy when you view this video. You will hear the Hammond B3 organ being used in the present day, building on a long and rich heritage within the church, and also with the promise, in my opinion, that the Hammond B3 organ with Leslie speaker is here to stay! The Hammond B3 organ will NEVER become outdated or obsolete. Here is the proof ! In fact, I believe the Hammond B3 organ is experiencing a re-birth in popularity and musical possibilities as is demonstrated in this amazing video!" Kudos also to the late Lawrence Hammond, and Don Leslie the inventors of the Hammond organ and Leslie speaker! Sincerely, Jim Huss President, Keyboard Exchange International 2/20/16

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We show our Hammonds with Leslies by appointment. Appointments are for our customers convenience and to insure that we will be available for you when you arrive. We request you make an appointment so that we can offer you our best attention.

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