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Jim Huss

Jim Huss pictured with wife, Gloria Huss It was 50 years ago that Jim heard his first Hammond organ with Leslie and immediately fell in love with “that sound”! His love and appreciation of these fine musical instruments has only increased over the years. He compares the Hammond B3 organ in quality to a Stradivarius violin, and believes that we must start now to preserve these fine instruments for the future. Proper restoration and maintenance are vital for our current use and enjoyment as well.

After 45 years in business, I can state with total assurance that it has taken a team effort to build a business, and a team approach everyday to preserve and restore our Hammond B3 inventory. Without the help of many people, we would not have been able to find good homes for thousands of instruments over the years. Jim credits our current staff, as well as those who have gone before us at Keyboard Exchange International. He would also like to thank the hundreds of you who stay in touch, let us know about instruments for sale, sell us parts, Leslie speakers, and custom manufactured parts. Without your efforts our goals of preservation and restoration could not be met. Thanks to all who participate in this noble venture!

Jim’s wife, Gloria Huss, grew up in the AME church which gives the KEI team a special sensitivity to the needs of churches. Gloria has been influential in helping establish financing programs for churches that are simply not available from banks and other commercial lending institutions. Jim often thanks her for wise council and input.


Rodney Huss

Rodney Huss Rodney Huss literally grew up surrounded by Hammond organs and Leslie speakers! His father, Jim Huss, was already in the Hammond organ business and shipping them all over the world when Rodney was born. Many hours were spent together traveling in trucks around the USA gathering old Hammond organs to be shipped to Europe and for restoration and resale in the USA. Rodney knows and loves Hammond organs and when taking music lessons, felt a passion for the drums and asked to switch over to drums. He thought his dad would be disappointed but his dad (Jim) said, "GREAT!" We will be able to jam together!"......and jam they did over the course of many happy hours and years.

Being raised in a family business allowed Rodney to fully understand the needs and requirements of our customers. He has been responsible for safe deliveries all over the world of many Hammond organs. He moved from the ground floor up to his new and current position as Director of Sales and Customer Relations. We have received many complements of Rodney's friendly sales presentations, never pushy, and always attentive to customer needs. Rodney goes out of his way to make certain all customer concerns and questions are addressed fully. We invite you to contact Rodney directly to assist you with your order. Rodney is not only an owner in the family business, but also fully invested in the future of the business. He understands that the future of any business depends on every customer having their expectations fully met and even exceeded.

Rodney Huss represents the third generation of our family in this business. He has assumed management responsibilities in 2016, and is fully supported by a well established KEI team. What can Rodney do for you today?


Randolph Carter, Staff musician, church advisor/liaison, quality control inspector

Randolph Carter Randolph brings his musical talents, and experience as a Music Minister to KEI along with his energy and passion for Hammond organs. From the moment he walked into our showroom, to the present day, he loves to play all the organs to make sure they will have “that sound” and play perfectly when they arrive at your church, home, or studio. Some have said that Randolph has the dream job playing organs all day long but believe me; he stays busy with many of the other responsibilities of quality control beyond playing the instruments. He wears many hats here at KEI and we are so pleased he started watching our web site at age 12 and wanted to become a part of our KEI team. We hope you enjoy listening to Randolph playing on some of our demonstration videos!

Patrick Bozeman
Web designer, Educator, Traveler

Patrick Bozeman Patrick helped Keyboard Exchange enter the modern world with our first web site many years ago. His continued input, allows us to spread the word that preservation is needed before too many of these instruments are lost. His world class web design skills and innovative ideas have been a blessing to our company. As a trusted team member, as well as family friend, we will always be grateful for the amazing contribution Patrick has made to our efforts. You can reach Patrick through our web site.


Horace Huss, retired officially from KEI at age 92

Horace Huss Horace purchased the first Hammond organ for his son Jim and then participated for many years in the KEI shop and was company driver for a decade. He delivered restored instruments to dealers all over the eastern USA. He kept records of the thousands of instruments he worked on as there were prepared for sale. His electrical background from his previous work was often put to good use and there was not a job, big or small, that he was not willing to offer his help and energy. Now retired, he serves as a perfect example of the American work ethic and will always be remembered for his willingness to train younger workers in safety, electrical, and mechanical skills. Thanks Pop! And Grand Pa!

Gary Eddinger

Gary Eddinger Steadfast senior technician at KEI for 26 years until his passing. If you have one of the thousands of Hammond organs that Gary restored you may find his initials inside the back of your Hammond GE. Although Gary is no longer with us, his pictures are scattered around our shop and his important work and pleasant demeanor will not be forgotten.
There are too many others to mention that have been a part of the KEI team and continue to be a part of the KEI team. We appreciate all of you who help us find good homes for our restored instruments, and help us find the instruments that need to be restored. If you would like to become a part of this growing team, please let us hear from you. The work is worthwhile as we play our part of helping to continue the work started and created by Mr. Hammond and Mr. Don Leslie. Their inventions, their legacies, their instruments, should endure forever!

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We show our Hammonds with Leslies by appointment. Appointments are for our customers convenience and to insure that we will be available for you when you arrive. We request you make an appointment so that we can offer you our best attention.

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