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Current Inventory Price Lists - September 2018

Premium Collection
As the name implies, these instruments are judged by us to be of somewhat or considerable higher quality for several different reasons and are for our customers who require the best we can offer and are willing to make a reasonable investment for now and the future. There are various reasons for inclusion, such as, it came from the original owner or extensive restoration was done to the instrument. Premium Price list, September 2018 - Word Document | Premium Price list, September 2018 - Adobe Acrobat Document

Premium Plus Collection
The Premium Plus Collection is an extension of our Premium Collection list. We have taken the best instruments that we thought would be worthy of adding certain options to. This would allow you to build an instrument you chose into something extra special. By the way, these options can be added to any of our instruments. Premium Plus Price list, June 2018 - Word Document | Premium Plus Price list, June 2018 - Adobe Acrobat Document

Budget Friendly, Scratch and Dent, Closeout Items
This list will include some older Hammond models, trade ins, one of a kind instrument, scratched instruments but will still be internally restored to be safe and to sound really good. In many cases some of these instruments will sound just as good as the instruments in our Premium Collection price list. The difference may be in the quality of the finish on the furniture or options added or not added. September 2018 Price list - Word Document | September 2018 Price list - Adobe Acrobat Document

Choose the price range you prefer but do review all lists. Financing may still make instruments from the Premium List affordable. Keep in mind that after a proper restoration, a vintage Hammond organ with Leslie speaker can last a life time with an estimated life expectancy of 50 more years with annual maintenance.

Hammond A-143 (#334)

#334 is a Hammond A-143 for sale! This is a unique A series Hammond with matching Leslie! Sounds amazing and looks beautiful! $8,950
334 - Hammond A143 Organ

Hammond A-102 Organ (#332)

#332 is a a rare jewel of a Hammond A-102 for sale with matching Leslie 145! A beautiful combination any home or Church would be proud to own! $7,950
332 - Hammond A102 Organ

1958 Hammond B-3 Organ (#331)

#331 is a Hammond B3 organ for sale. Serial# 75778 (1958) with Leslie 122/251 and Dark Fruit Wood $14,950
331 - Hammond B3 Organ

1959 Hammond C-3 Organ (#324)

#324 is a Hammond C3, serial# 81704 (1959) with OBL-2 and Leslie 122A looks and sounds super! $12,950
324 - Hammond C3 Organ

Hammond B-3 Organ (#311)

#311 is a Hammond B3 for sale. Serial #69482 with Trek II preamp, reverb and Leslie 122a Close to Mint condition $21,950
311 - Hammond B3 Organ

Hammond B-3 Organ (#307)

#307 is a 1957 Hammond B3 for sale. Serial#65936 Low "mileage" Leslie 122 or new 122A your choice. Plus Extra's! $19,950
307 - Hammond B3 Organ for Sale

Hammond B-3 organ (#300)

#300 is a 1956 Hammond B3 for sale! Serial#63910 MINT condition with rare matching color Leslie / NEW 122 amp! $23,950
300 - Hammond B3 Organ

Hammond A-100 (#299)

#299 is a MINT Hammond A-100 for sale with Walnut finish and a Leslie! Serial #5842, Sounds really good! $8,950
Hammond A100 for Sale - Minut condition

1958 Hammond B-3 Organ (#296)

#296 is a Mint 1962 Fruitwood Hammond B3 for sale! Serial# 86110, matching Leslie 22H speaker ONE OWNER! $22,950
296 - Hammond B3 Organ

Hammond B-3 (#293)

#293 is a beautiful and rare Fruitwood Hammond B3 #91081 with matching Leslie 122 RV and (option for second matching Leslie) equipped with OBL-2 output $19,950

Custom Ivory Hammond C3 organ (#268)

#268 is a Hammond C-3 #C-155540 A beautiful CUSTOM IVORY FINISH with matching Leslie with NEW 122 amp! Sound as good as it looks! $14,950
Hammond C3 for sale

White Yamaha Grand Piano Model C5 (#245)

White Yamaha Grand Piano Model C5. 6 foot 7 inch rare find! Price new at over $50,000 early 1990's Vintage. $14,950
White Yamaha Grand Piano Model C5

Baldwin Grand Piano (#244)

Baldwin Grand Piano 6 foot 3 inch MADE IN AMERICA when Baldwin factory workers were in their prime in the 1990’s. This Ebony grand is considered by piano experts to be one of the finest pianos made in America. It is model L manufactured in 1995. Adjustable Artist bench included. $14,950.
1995 Baldwin Grand Piano

Custom “Road Warrior” B3 with custom Road Warrior 122! (#228)

#228 is a Custom “Road Warrior” B3 with custom Road Warrior 122! New cabinets, many new parts combined with vintage parts to create the best possible outcome! Legs are removable. This custom rig is designed for the professional or one who appreciates professional quality! Bass pedals optional Tone controls installed on NEW TREK II preamp. NEW SPRING reverb. Trade ins welcome $12,950. Easier to move than a full size B3 but with the same exact sound, feel, and power!
Custom Road Warrior B3 with custom Road Warrior 122!

Custom Ebony C-3 with matching Leslie! (#227)

#227 is a Custom Ebony C3 for sale! with matching Leslie! This C-3 is beautiful and sounds amazing! See for your self and check out the video! $13,950
Hammond C3 Organ

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