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Current Inventory Price Lists - March 2017

Keyboard Exchange International is now dividing our price list into two distinct categories.
Budget Friendly, Scratch and Dent, Closeout Items
This list will include some older Hammond models, trade ins, one of a kind instrument, scratched instruments but will still be internally restored to be safe and to sound really good. In many cases some of these instruments will sound just as good as the instruments in our Premium Collection price list. The difference may be in the quality of the finish on the furniture or options added or not added. Occasionally but rarely you will find a vintage B3 within this list. They sell quickly in this price range! March 2017 Price list - Word Document | March 2017 Price list - Adobe Acrobat Document

Premium Collection
As the name implies, these instruments are judged by us to be of somewhat or considerable higher quality for several different reasons. These reasons may include the fact that the instrument came from the home of the original owner and looks like a new instrument. Or, it may have an option or several options added that will literally make it sound better than when new and before the option was even invented. The restoration may be more extensive or the instrument itself may be from the last few years of factory production making it newer in effect but still a vintage instrument. A NEW Leslie or a pair of Leslies will affect price as you would expect. The Premium Price list has been developed so that we are not restricted by price alone in the restoration process AND in creating a professional and institutional grade instrument. The instruments on this list are for our customers who require the best we can offer and are willing to make a reasonable investment for now and the future. Ben Franklin is created with saying "Do not be penny wise and dollar foolish" At any price point, we at Keyboard Exchange International assure you of the best value for the money you spend with us. Premium Price list, March 2017 - Word Document | Premium Price list, March 2017 - Adobe Acrobat Document

Choose the price range you prefer but do review both lists. Financing may still make instruments from the Premium List affordable. Keep in mind that after a proper restoration, a vintage Hammond organ with Leslie speaker can last a life time with an estimated life expectancy of 50 more years with annual maintenance.

Hammond 850 Church Organ with self containted Leslie (#253)

#253 is a Hammond 850 Church Organ for sale! It has an Oak finish, 32 bass pedals and has self contained Leslie! $7,950
Hammond 850 Church Organ with Leslie

Hammond C3 with Leslie 122 (#251)

#256 is a Hammond C-3 #56912 with a Walnut finish and a Leslie 122 / 770 New Power Amp! This sounds amazing and a great price! $9,450

Hammond XB-3 with Leslie 122 XB has MIDI and Transpose (#250)

#250 is a Hammond XB-3 available with one or two Leslie speakers! High power, Has MIDI and Transpose! $9,950
Hammond XB-3 with Leslie 122 XB has MIDI and Transpose

Beautiful Hammond C3 Organ (#246)

#246 is Hammond C-3 for sale! Serial #78494 This is a beautiful Organ! It matches a new Leslie 122 A and is currently paired with. With a vintage 122 $10,950 or upgrade to a new 122 A as shown for $12,800.
Hammond C3 for Sale

White Yamaha Grand Piano Model C5 (#245)

White Yamaha Grand Piano Model C5 for sale. 6 foot 7 inch rare find! Price new at over $50,000 early 1990's Vintage. $14,950
White Yamaha Grand Piano Model C5 for sale

Baldwin Grand Piano (#244)

Baldwin Grand Piano 6 foot 3 inch MADE IN AMERICA when Baldwin factory workers were in their prime in the 1990’s. This Ebony grand is considered by piano experts to be one of the finest pianos made in America. It is model L manufactured in 1995. Adjustable Artist bench included. $14,950.
1995 Baldwin Grand Piano

Hammond A-100 with Leslie (#241)

#241 is a Hammond A-100 for sale with solid state TREK II preamp, reverb, also includes a Leslie with New power amp! $7,950
Hammond A-100 for sale

Hammond XC-3a with tube type Leslie 122XB (#236)

#236 is a Hammond XC-3a with tube type Leslie 122XB with MIDI and transpose feature installed at the factory. This trade in represents a fantastic value! Compare new at over $20,000. Buy this one $9,950. Or lease to own with ZERO down for around $269 delivered to most locations
Hammond XC-3a with tube type Leslie 122XB for sale!

Vintage 1955 Hammond B3 #56171 (#235)

#235 is a Hammond B3 #56171 1955 vintage for sale! First year of production! A brand new 122A Leslie might be the best match for this B3. Try several different 122 Leslies before you decide! $13,950 or $299 per month with a trade in worth $2,000. Lease to own with ZERO down for church
Vintage 1955 Hammond B3 Organ

1955 Vintage Hammond B3 (#229)

#229 is a Hammond B3 #57422 Another 1955 vintage instrument! First Year of production! We like to match this year of production with a NEW Leslie 122A but you can try other vintage Leslies until your ear tells you which Leslie you prefer. New caps on the tone generator help make this instrument bright and clear! Priced at $13,950 or lease to own for $299 per month with a $2,000 trade in, or down payment of $2,000. Other option is to use our ZERO down program and lease to own with zero down and $349 Mo.
1955 Vintage Hammond B3 Organ

Custom “Road Warrior” B3 with custom Road Warrior 122! (#228)

#228 is a Custom “Road Warrior” B3 with custom Road Warrior 122! New cabinets, many new parts combined with vintage parts to create the best possible outcome! Legs are removable. This custom rig is designed for the professional or one who appreciates professional quality! Bass pedals optional Tone controls installed on NEW TREK II preamp. NEW SPRING reverb. Trade ins welcome $12,950. Easier to move than a full size B3 but with the same exact sound, feel, and power!
Custom Road Warrior B3 with custom Road Warrior 122!

CUSTOM EBONY C3 with Matching custom 122 Leslie speaker! (#226)

#226 is a CUSTOM EBONY C3 with Matching custom 122 Leslie speaker! NEW 122 power amp in Leslie with new Tungsol power tubes for great tone and power. Consider packaging this instrument with Baldwin Grand piano for extra package discount or lease to own this instrument for only $299 with trade in with a $2,000 trade value. Priced at $13,950. ZERO DOWN possible for well established church. Pastor......." What is backing you up?"
Hammond C3 Organ

Hammond B2/B3 (#217)

#217 is B2 / B3 parts installed into a B-2 cabinet for major upgrade! With full size Leslie $4,950!!! Lowest price ever for a B-3 from Keyboard Exchange.
Hammond B2/B3

Hammond B3 #A-23902 (1969) with Leslie 122 #H-53822 with new 122 power amp! (#212)

#212 is a Hammond B3 Organ for sale that was used in recording studio these last two years! This is an organ with exceptional highs and ALL the bass you want from the OBL-2 output already installed, which allows you to connect to a bass amp or even better...sub-woofers for WORLD CLASS bass tones! 3 speed Leslie switch for fast, slow and off with a 122 tube Leslie! Additional 11 pin out if you want a second Leslie with a slightly different tone. All the best features at an affordable price of $13,950 which will be around $349 per month with lease to own and ZERO down for a qualified church with excellent credit. AND if your church has excellent credit NO PAYMENTS for 90 days is possible. Trade ins welcome to lower you cost. Cash discounts! Let's make a deal! What are you waiting for? This one will not last!
Hammond B3 Organ

Hammond B3 Organ for Sale with Leslie (#205)

#205 is a Hammond B3 #99939 w/Leslie (C3 bench fits over pedals perfectly) scratches $11,950. This rather amazing B3 is discounted due to the bench and other changes that have been made over the years. You will want to play it to believe it and a deal can be had on this one! ZERO down and $299 per month with lease to own possible for a well established church. Cash discount always available. One of our most popular plans is 50% down and ZERO interest on the balance with extended warranty included in the low monthly payments. Many options for financing exist plus the lease to own option which is our most popular purchase plan.
Hammond B3 Organ

Hammond B3 for Sale! Serial# 95115 w/ Leslie (#203)

Classic Set! Vintage 1965! One owner! $14,950 Lease to own with ZERO down and payments in the $299 to $349 range after trade in value is determined. Churches are offered special financing, delivery, set up, warranty, and optional extended warranty. Restored instruments from Keyboard Exchange International are expected to last a lifetime
Hammond B3 with Leslie for sale

Ebony Hammond B3 with matching Leslie 122 (#202)

#202 is a Custom Ebony Hammond B-3 with new Trek II pre amp, matching Leslie 122! Super Bass! $16,950
Custom Ebony Hammond B3 for sale

Hammond RT-3 serial #8657 (#200)

32 bass pedals, concave shaped built to AGO standards! This instrument is much like a B3 or C3...looks more like an extra wide C3.....so has that B3 sound when connected to the Leslie 122A speaker that is included. This model is often priced much higher but there are some very minor furniture issues and the pedal solo unit, while currently working, has not been rebuilt. We want to keep the price as low as possible so will offer the rebuild of the pedal solo unit as an option. Priced as is, at a very attractive $8,950 or delivered to most locations, with ZERO down for $245 per month.

1960 Fruitwood Hammond B3 with matching Leslie 122 (#196)

#196 is a Hammond B-3 for sale! #81146, Vintage 1960, rare Fruitwood in Mint Condition with matching 122 Leslie $14,950!
Hammond B3 for Sale

Hammond A-102 with Leslie 145 (#176)

#176 is a Hammond A-102 #38652 with matching Leslie 145 #H-24624 and rare finished back! This instrument has made an exceptional transformation from being under used, and neglected, to becoming a gem and much more beautiful than even we expected! There are still some furniture imperfections but as one person mentioned, they seem to add "character" to the instrument! The Leslie has a round minor discoloration on the top where grand mothers doily sat for many years with artificial flowers, but otherwise looks great! Grand moms doily and a few scratches and veneer imperfections will allow us to discount this great sounding instrument by $500 that you save! Priced at only $7,450 (FOB Sanford FL) which comes to around $209 per month with lease to own agreement WITH delivery included to most USA locations! B3 sound at half price folks!
Hammond A-100
Hammond A-102 with Leslie 145
Hammond A-102 with Leslie 145

Hammond B3 #D-189017 RED CAPS! and Leslie 147A (#164)

#164 is a Hammond B3 #D-189017 RED CAPS! and Leslie 147A. Sounds great but wood is not perfect. Great example of a trade in organ that we have internally restored but have not refinished the wood cabinet so you can save big $ ! Bench fits correctly over the bass pedals. Locking top not included $9,995 or $249 per month with lease to own. Trade in your old, tired Hammond and lower the monthly payments even more! Trade ins welcome! Cash discounts available! Preachers….”What is backing you up?”
Hammond B3 RED CAPS! and Leslie 147A

1972 Vintage Hammond C3 #D-216968 (#158)

It has screaming highs and includes Leslie 122A. This is the classic combination to provide the B3 sound in a church style cabinet that is preferred by the ladies with the solid sides and solid back. Walnut color cabinets and CERTIFIED FOAM FREE ! $10,950 with low monthly payments in the $289 range depending on your location. Delivered almost anywhere for $299 mo.
1972 Vintage Hammond C3 for Sale

1970 Hammond B-3 with 122 Leslie for sale (#156)

#156 is a Vintage 1970 Hammond B-3 #B-90744 in Mint Condition! with Leslie 122! $14,950
Hammond B-3 with 122 Leslie for sale

Custom Satin Ebony Finished Hammond B3 Organ (#131)

#131 is a Hammond B3 organ for sale with a custom refinished in satin ebony finish similar to a vintage Steinway piano ebony finish. VERY classy! You will have your choice of one or two matching Leslie speakers depending on your preference and requirements. There can be ALL the bass you want, when you utilize the already installed OBL-2 output system. The Leslie speaker will continue to produce excellent bass and low end but now you will be able to ADD even more bass AND as much as you want. You can connect to a bass guitar amp, and while supplies last we will include a FREE bass amp, and you can also connect to the sub-woofers in your PA system for a truly WORLD CLASS bottom/bass/low end! The question of "Can you give me more bass?" has finally been properly addressed. Shake the walls with bass if you wish to or just let your listeners feel the music more than ever. (Sub-woofers will provide the best result. The FREE bass amp will help) Specially priced to move with ZERO down for churches and low monthly payments. Trade in your old Hammond and Leslie and upgrade to something special!
Custom Satin Ebony Finished Hammond B3 Organ

1970 Hammond B3 with Leslie 122 (#125)

#125 Hammond B3 serial #B-91059 (1970 vintage) CERTIFIED FOAM FREE! Remember that ALL Hammond B3 organs from 1964 to 1974 must have the factory foam removed from the keyboards to prevent serious damage to keyboard wiring! THIS instrument will never have this type of problem as it has been properly address and the foam removed. Leslie 122 included and OBL-2 make this instrument a true classic made ready for decades of service into the future! Priced at $15,950 or lease to own for $395 per month with ZERO down! (Lease to own applicable for churches with excellent credit history) Listen to this video and decide if this is one of the best sounding B3's with 122 that you have heard!
1970 Hammond B3 with Leslie 122 for Sale

Hammond BC and C2 Organs

Hammond models BC #116 and C2 #115 are TWO BEAUTIES!!!!

Two budget friendly Hammonds that will soon be moved from our electronics shop and set up with Leslie speakers in our showroom! We did not want to wait to put this picture on the web site.

The BC #116 work has been completed and the organ sounds AMAZING with new solid state pre-amp installed! Just AMAZING! The bass is a complete octave lower than an actual Hammond B3 model! Some of these older Hammonds actually had more tone wheels than a B3 and therefore can sound even better than a B3 but at a much lower price !

The C2 # 115 is note worthy in that is has smooth pulling draw bars and percussion will be added. Mainly this instrument is special due to its OUTSTANDING physical condition. It looks almost like a new piece of furniture but true be told....as is always is here at Keyboard Exchange, this organ is more than 60 years old! Does she look it? NO ! ( remember that a Stradivarius violin or cello is 300 years old Quality can be timeless as long as there is a proper and professional restoration ! )

Both priced WITH Leslie speaker at only $7,950. Lease to own for $495 down and approximately $199 per month!

Hammond model BC with chorus generator! (#116)

Winner of the B3 "Look-alike contest" complete with Leslie 122a! Looks like a B3! Sounds like a B3! In fact it the great granddaddy of the B3... older, wiser, and less expensive. NEW electronics installed to replace the vacuum tubes for high reliability decades to come. Attention collectors and bargain hunters! This is both a highly desirable model AND a great value! WAY MORE BASS than 99% of all B3s! OBL-2 already installed! This one will not last at only $7,950 plus delivery. Lease to own for $199 per month and only $495 down. Ask about other financing options some with ZERO interest!

Hammond Elegante.......TOP OF THE LINE! (#102)

Hammond console organ when originally manufactured in the USA between 1980 and 1985! Not a B3, but with many B3 sounds and features plus more! Sells for much less than a B3! This instrument sold retail for $18,000 in the 1980's so consider its value today when adjusted for inflation. Normally Keyboard Exchange International will only offer the world famous Hammond B3, C3 and similar models that share tonal character, common set of repair parts, have strong market demand and appeal. However, we now recognize the rare opportunity to be able to offer select Hammond models for home entertainment at prices that will amaze and please you. Home entertainment models are different from institutional and commercial models in that the models were made specifically for home use and home entertainment with lots of bells and whistles to enjoy. These extra features allow for making music fun and easier. Many of the B3 features and sounds are included in this model plus a transpose feature, strings, rhythm machine (drums) and more! Now your can own the best instrument that the Hammond factory was able to produce in the 1980's at a fraction of the original cost. Not really intended for church use, it is still an option when the transpose feature is required. Supplies are limited so reserve yours today! Hammond Elegante Hammond Elegante #102 with built in transpose system, strings ALL the extras. Hammond Organ Company flagship model! It was there TOP OF THE LINE model! This organ priced at $6,950 with one FREE external Leslie available. We can also offer TWO Leslies for an up charge of only $2,000. You are are hearing this organ with the built in Leslie only. Two videos showing two styles of musicians but really there could be 5 or more videos showing Jazz, Popular etc. This instrument is fully capable of playing any musical style in any setting.

Hammond Colonnade with FREE Leslie 912! (#28)

This organ has TRANSPOSE feature built in and other interesting features. This is not a tone wheel organ, meaning it is build differently than a Hammond B3, C3 or A-100 and is in fact newer than those models. Still, and as you can hear, it has a great sound for church or home use and the PRICE with Leslie is super reasonable! Only one of these in stock today so do not delay if you are interested! only $4,950


Introducing the "ROAD WARRIOR" B3 built into a custom ATA road case! Check this out! ALL the sound without compromise! Let us custom build one for you! Prices start at $4,500
Prototype Custom Portable B-3
Prototype Custom Portable B-3

Hammond X-66

Hammond X-66


The most deluxe and expensive Hammond organ ever manufactured in the 1960's! The Hammond factory invested heavily to produce the best instrument possible and with a great results! While we have this instrument in our store ( a trade in ) we are not actively trying to sell it. We WILL sell it but only to someone who either really wants one because they understand this instrument, or to someone who always wanted one but could not afford it when new. This X-66 has the matching bench and bass pedals and TWO original speaker cabinets. Wired to accept a 122 Leslie also. Not an instrument we suggest for Gospel music as it does not sound exactly like a B3. Still, to the right person, this could be the opportunity of a life time! We are open to offers of cash, or trade, so if you think you are the right person, please contact us. Organ has been maintained and was donated to a church who traded in toward an instrument that gave them the "B3 sound" We are not pricing this instrument......make an offer.Best offer will be accepted. Organ sold AS IS in playing condition. Full restoration optional but perhaps not needed if you have your own tech or technical skills. A rare find in this condition.

5'4" Grotrian Steinweg Baby Grand Piano

5'4" Grotrian Steinweg baby grand piano. Manufactured in Germany in 1917 by the Steinway family. Recently restrung awaiting a new home. This fine antique piano will grace any home or mansion and is a nice sounding piano with an interesting history. Ivory keys and reasonably priced at $10,950
Grotrian Steinweg Baby Grand Piano

Ebony Leslie Speaker

EBONY is Back!!! Beautiful Ebony Finishes!!!

We offer custom finished Hammond B-3 and C-3 Hammond Organs with matching Leslie speakers. They are not always available so reserving one is suggested. High Gloss can be ordered but plan on a 90 day wait time. A beautiful Ebony Satin or High Gloss finish would look great next to any grand piano.

Leslie Speakers

Leslie Speakers!

USED Leslies! NEW Leslies! TALL Leslies! SHORT Leslies! TUBE Leslies, SOLID STATE Leslies, TWO Speed Leslies, THREE Speed Leslies, Scratched Leslies, Refinished Leslies, Leslie Compatibility charts, Leslie CABLES, Experienced Leslie technicians, Authorized LESLIE Dealer! ADD a SECOND Leslie to any organ you see on our inventory page, We BUY used Leslies, We RESTORE USED Leslies, WE KNOW Leslies, We LOVE the sound of Leslie speakers, and we have 44 years of business experience helping our customers select the best Leslie for their needs. FINANCING AVAILABLE for NEW Leslie 122a speakers! Call of email today with your questions. TRADE IN YOUR OLD LESLIE! Hammond B3 and C3 organs also available WITH Leslie or Leslies! Leslie models include: 122, 122A, 122RV, 122R, 142, 242, 222, 31H, 32H, 147, 147RV, 247, 912, 750, 710, 760, 770, 900, 910, 925, and many more!

Hammond D-152
Hammond D-152
Hammond D-152

Friends and Family Instrument

Hammond D-152 with touch sensitive MIDI and Leslie 122RV speaker! This fine instrument was sold more than a decade ago to a family who wanted 32 bass pedals but also the jazz/Gospel sound of a Hammond B3! The self-contained speakers allow the organ to be played without a Leslie speaker but there is a 122RV available! MIDI on one keyboard makes this instrument truly expandable as many other voices can be added via the MIDI feature. (Rare in a classic tone wheel Hammond!) Not yet on the Keyboard Exchange showroom floor but may soon arrive. The family selling this instrument wishes to enjoy it up to the last moment before we find a new home for it. We know this instrument! It was one of our finest upgrade projects in the past and we will service it in our shop before arranging delivery to new owner. Call for more details. If you want something unique and special then this could be your lucky day!

Opportunity Knocking Sales Event
Now Going On!!!

Hammond Organs Sale - Opportunity Knocking Event

B-3's with full size Leslie starting at $4,950! $129 a month Zero down!

We are proud to offer an amazing selection of fully restored classic Hammond Organs and Leslie speakers! We also currently have an Ebony and Ivory beautiful grand piano we received on trade. We have been selling Hammond Organs World Wide to Music Dealers, Churches,Studio's and private individuals for 49 years! We offer peace of mind extended warranties and our service before and after the sale is something we take pride in. Call today to discuss the several different financing options we have to offer.

Hammond Organ Showroom
Hammond Organ Showroom

Keyboard Exchange International is now located in Sanford, Florida

Keyboard Exchange International - Sanford, Florida

After 25 years in our Orlando location, we are pleased to announce our move to Sanford Florida ! We are now in the downtown Historic district of Sanford Florida, and are very excited to be a part of the revitalization of this wonderful and historic city. We are still close to Orlando about half way between Orlando and Daytona Beach only a short distance from I-4. We are VERY easy to find. There are many nice shops and places for dining within walking distance. There is a beautiful waterfront area for a stroll after you check out our Hammond's and Leslie's so plan to spend some extra time enjoying the city of Sanford.
We are expanding our products and services to include:
  • Sales and rentals of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers.
  • Lease to own with one dollar buy out at lease end
  • Total Hammond organ restoration of YOUR Hammond organ and Leslie speaker or trade in your old equipment and start fresh!
  • Hammond organ service for B3, C3, A-100 and the other most popular models
  • Export, nationwide delivery and pick up...your location is NOT a problem for us.
  • FREE Expert advise when you are considering a repair, replacement, or restoration.
  • Value priced used/reconditioned church organs for your church, home or professional use
Call ahead for an appointment or email b3buyer@aol.com We look forward to being of service to you!

KEI News

A Hammond C3, recently given to Keyboard Exchange by a church in Iowa, has found a new home!

Our thanks to Mr Scott Robertson, and his fellow church members, for saving this Hammond C3 from being discarded. How sad that would have been! Thankfully, one of the trustees at the church contacted Keyboard Exchange International expressing his interest in find a good home for the beloved Hammond organ, that had been in the church for more than 50 years. He gave it to us with the hope that we could be able to find a good home and we added that we could now sell the organ at a reduced price to a church in need. This we have done!

A "FREE" organ in Iowa, still had transportation costs, restoration costs, the need to add a Leslie speaker and a Leslie speaker interface kit, overhead costs etc. Still we were able to save the purchasing church thousands of dollars, install a transpose system that they required, and with zero down, and a trade in, provide financing within the $149 per month budget they required. It was a great deal all around due to the thoughtfulness of one person not wanting to see a fine instrument sent to the land fill!

If you have an organ that needs a new home there may be people in need. While Keyboard Exchange International is not a charity or a non-profit organization (we can not provide a tax deduction), we are a company that may be able to put a family cherished musical instrument to its highest and best use, thereby honoring the original owner and the legacies of Mr Hammond and Mr Leslie. In the last decade too many organs were donated to charities and the high cost of moving them now often prevents the charities from accepting them. If you cannot find a charity to accept your donation, please contact B3buyer@aol.com We also pay for instruments so this may work out better than you expect. It just depends on the costs and the situation.

We do not expect this to happen too often. We expect to pay fair value for most of the instruments we will ultimately restore and resell. However in the past few years we have tried to limit our purchases to instruments that include a proper model and full size Leslie speaker. Also we prefer to purchase instruments closer to home to save shipping costs. This pragmatic approach to staying in business sometimes causes us to loose instruments that may require a costly shipping company to do the pick up. Freely given instruments may allow us to consider organs without an external Leslie speaker.

We suggest that buyers with limited budgets contact us from time to time to ask if we have any "Freely given" instruments available. Working together we can help preserve more great musical instruments for the future and well as for modern day enjoyment and use to enhance the worship experience...

NOW is the BEST time to purchase a Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 122 speaker or similar, same sounding models like C3 and A-100. AND, Keyboard Exchange International is the BEST place to buy it! YEAR END CLEARANCE sale has lowered prices by 20% and more. Special sale ends Dec 31, 2016 or after 20 sales are made whichever comes first. Do not delay and do not miss out on great savings. Financing and lease to own plans have been revised to reflect the sales prices and even ZERO down is possible for churches with established credit history. Call (407)323-7493 or email B3buyer@aol.com for more details. Remember....this is the BEST time to purchase or lease to own in Keyboard Exchange International history ! We are also export specialists so for those of you outside the USA......we can arrange shipping, crating, conversion for your electrical system! Spend more time on this website and listen to videos on our inventory page where you will also find published price lists. Remember.....20% discount to published prices available!
Keyboard Exchange International is ready to expand our team to include sales associates to sell to churches in your local area. Contact Jim Huss for more details through our website www.keyboardexchange.com. Love of the Hammond organ sound is a requirement for the position. Training will be provided for qualified individuals. Keyboard Exchange International is an equal opportunity employer! Church musicians, Ministers of Music, Pastors, with sales experience will often have the skill set required to prosper from this opportunity. SM marketing skill a plus. Direct email to Jim Huss B3buyer@aol.com

A bishop was invited to a church, by the pastor, to ask what improvements he might suggest to improve the worship experience. The Bishop suggested to the Pastor that they add a Hammond organ with Leslie speaker to take the worship to the next level! Some of the potential customers we meet say that "church", would not BE "church", without the Hammond! We have heard comments like this so many times over the years, that we believe them to be true.

To any preachers who may be reading this, or any church members who are willing to pass this on to your pastor, ask him......."What is backing you up?" The right Hammond organ with Leslie, played by a musician who understands how to use it, can back up, musically punctuate, and add emphasis to the word of God as it is presented by your pastor. Most of you have heard this before and believe it yourselves. Are you interested in going to the next level in your worship?

Keyboard Exchange International can make it EASY to have a Hammond with Leslie in your church with several financing options available, even ZERO down to well established churches. Choose from ZERO down OR ZERO interest, where every penny paid will apply directly to the cost of the equipment. Layaway and other plans available AND we accept most major credit cards. EZPZ ! Call or email today Rodkei@aol.com or (407)-323-7493

If you already have an old Hammond in your church, but it sounds tired and costs too much to maintain, it is time to replace it. The good news is that even if it is old and tired, it may have excellent trade in value! Send us some pictures so we can determine its trade in value asap

In this YouTube video, Bishop Ronald E. Brown shows us a fine example of how a Hammond organ, backing up preaching, brings a whole new level to the service!

Attention ALL Church musicians, Music Ministers and Pastors! Amazing new offer from one of the best financing companies we have worked with ever! Exclusively for churches! Become pre-approved for a lease to own program with no application fee, or any up front cost at all to become pre-approved! Keyboard Exchange International, in association with our #1 financing affiliate, is offering your church the opportunity to apply directly on the phone with our representative, to go over a few financial details. Usually, within less than 24 hours, we can get you pre-approved for funding! This new program has produced amazing results in the pilot program over the last few months, and the program is now authorized to increase and move forward to allow more churches to participate. Once you are pre-approved....select the instrument of your choice from our inventory, and we will deliver! Avoid the uncertainty offered by others. Become pre-approved today!

LOWEST COST ASSURED! One of our primary goals at Keyboard Exchange International is to provide the lowest annual cost to our customers for the restored Hammond organs and Leslie speakers that they purchase or lease from us. We accomplish this, while at the same time providing a musical instrument that sounds as good, and often better, than when it was new! How do we do this? We take a dedicated approach during our restoration process to insure long term reliability as well as outstanding audio quality. Many new parts are installed into our equipment. These parts are not individually expensive as is the case with most electronic parts, ESPECIALLY when compared to replacing them one at a time as they fail! Therefore as part of our philosophy we proactively replace the parts that we know have aged and are prone to failure, after 50 years. This eliminates and minimizes costly future service calls.

Other resellers only inspect the old parts believing that if they are not obviously burn out, they are OK to resell as is. They forget, or don't know, that old electronic parts degrade over time causing them to lose power and clarity. Other resellers will try to tell you that restoration is not necessary on a 50 or 60 year old electronic piece of equipment, and that restoration is not necessary because it is too expensive. WHAT????? PLEASE believe... that 50 year old electronic equipment requires proper restoration if you wish to have reliability and great sound. Some resellers simply are not willing to do the work, do not know how, or do not understand the importance of restoration. They subject you to the probability of higher costs of repairs and breakdowns. It remains as true as the day it was first said, we get what we pay for. If you are looking for the best value for your money, you have come to the right place, Keyboard Exchange International!

I'm looking to buy a C3. Can you give me a break down on the tone differences or internal electronic components used differently from the earlier years to the later years?

Reply from Jim Huss at Keyboard Exchange International Your question is an interesting one and my reply to you is now different that it would have been 10 years ago. My old reply would have been.....buy the newer years from 1965 to 1974 as they are brighter and crisper. The years prior tended to have a somewhat "dull" sound in comparison.

My more up to date reply is: Hammond B3 and C3 models were manufactured from 1955 to 1974 an amazing 20 year production run! We break this down into two agecatagories which could be titled 1) Pre-foam 2) Foam installed by facotry Hammond C3 and B3 organs from 1965 to 1974 have a brighter sound HOWEVER, they also have factory installed foam in the keyboards which MUST be removed to prevent damages from chemical reaction with keyboard wires. Once this modification is done correctly, then problems can be eliminated, assuming so serious damage has already occurred.

Hammond C3 and B3 organs from 1955 to 1964.5 tend to have a dull sound in comparison UNLESS the parts that create this dull sound are replaced with New parts thus eliminating this problem...... which is mainly age related. Each age category group can be considered of equal quality and the enjoyment and longevity of the specific instrument is a factor of condition, and quality of the restoration. Each age group has its own specific issues and requirements for a proper restoration. Also the Leslie selected should be matched appropriately and even the tweeter speaker in the Leslie should be selected in accordance with the type of sound the musician requires or prefers. There are so many potential variables that it is best to select an instrument by playing them in the same place, at the same time, to compare side by side in the same acoustical setting. Listening to any one organ in isolation will be misleading and even a damaged, unrestored instrument will sound OK or even very good, to the untrained ear.

Is Keyboard Exchange International the cheapest source of tone wheel Hammond organs and Leslie speakers?

In that I always make my best effort to give accurate information I had to say no......and I added that it is not our goal to be the "cheapest" provider of the products we sell. I went on to add that in the long term, we most likely are the cheapest source of these products due to the effort we invest in restoration, labor and parts but the up front costs will not always appear to be the cheapest.

I wish I had been better prepared to reply to this potential customers question. Now, upon reflection, I will try to clarify my own thoughts with a written explanation of the Keyboard Exchange International policy regarding our prices.

Our goal is to provide the best long term value to our customers for the restored products we sell. This may well provide the cheapest annual cost to our customers. This may not always be the lowest price available compared to other sellers who do not attempt to do a proper restoration and do not have 46 years of experience. If our prices appear to be somewhat higher than others you see or hear about, ask yourself if price is your only consideration, or if long term reliability, world class sound, and outstanding customer support are also of interest to you. In that a properly restored instrument can last decades, a proper restoration should be considered an investment in our opinion.

I am attempting to be both polite and clear when I say it is not our goal to be the cheapest provider of the restored products we sell. It is however our goal to provide the best possible product, service, financing and long term value to our customers. I trust that most people will both understand this and respect this point of view. If you agree with this position, we look forward to being of service to you!

Hammond Price Information and General Business Philosophy of Keyboard Exchange International

Our goal at Keyboard Exchange International is to provide the BEST VALUE and the LOWEST COST per year during the coming decades you will own a restored Hammond with Leslie purchased from us. However, these goals may not always render the lowest up front price. Try to think long term, like we do, about your Hammond with Leslie purchase. There are many parts in a 50 year old Hammond organ. (We do not let the age of these find instruments concern us, when we compare to a 300 year old Stradivarius violin) After 50 years there are electronic parts and wiring that need to be changed. Our philosophy is to change those parts that have worn out, dried out, or decayed over the first 50 years, AND to add improvements learned in the last 50 years, to get the instruments ready for the NEXT 50 years!

There is no reason why a properly restored Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 speaker could not be 100 years old someday, with proper restoration and maintenance. I would even suggest 200 or 300 years with proper maintenance and occasional restoration. Why not? The Stradivarius instruments have already proved that this is possible!

Please continue to read about our Business Philosophy!

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Hammond B3 Delivered to Good News Church in Korea! Jim Huss of Keyboard Exchange International says "Thank you for your business Pastor Kim and members of the Good News Church! We wish you many years musical blessings from the B3 with Leslie that we shipped recently to your church in Korea" The pictured B3 arrived safely and is now being enjoyed. Keyboard Exchange International will ship anywhere in the world and will also convert for your electrical system. 40 plus years experience makes Keyboard Exchange International the logical choice if you are considering the purchase of a Hammond B3.

Hammond B3 Delivered to Japan! Our good friend Yoshi, in Japan, recently received a B3 from us and sent us this picture to confirm the safe arrival. AND the sound of the organ is "GREAT" and meets his expectations. As he is an expert on Hammond organs and Leslie speakers, his expectations were quite high! We are pleased to receive his good news report that all is well after the long trip from Florida to Japan! Our wood export crates, along with careful handling by hand picked freight forwarders all contributing to a very positive outcome! We especially like the beautiful setting where Yoshi displays and plays his vintage B3 with matching Leslie speakers !

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