Purchasing Information

Monthly payments vary depending on location for delivery fees, if a trade-in is included and if an extended warranty is purchased. Most churches end up paying between $249 and $500 per month with interest free payments for the life of the loan. Zero down is also offered to churches with good credit as well, but this program is not interest free. Call today to inquire about financing options today at (407) 323-7493!

How We Restore Our Hammond Organs

Each of our Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers go through an extensive process to ensure you get the best product available. For a detailed breakdown of the steps we take, visit our Restoration Information page.

Hammond B3 collection

525 is a 1964 Hammond B3 in a fruitwood finish.
1964 Hammond B-3
#499 is a road warrior Hammond B-3 with no pedals. This specially designed case is easy for transportation as the legs can be removed. Additionally, the finish is incredibly durable and scratch resistant!
Road Warrior Hammond B3
487 is a 1958 Hammond B3 for sale in a dark walnut finish.
1958 Hammond B3
369 is a 1968 Hammond B3 with some scratches on the surface.
1968 Hammond B-3
367 is a 1959 Hammond B3 for sale
1959 Hammond B3

Hammond C3, A-100, and other models

534 is a 1957 Hammond C-3 in an ebony finish!
1957 Hammond C-3
531 is a Hammond composer organ spinet organ for sale. 50th year anniversary edition! Serial #0091402
Hammond Composer Spinet
513 is a 1951 Hammond B-2 with smooth pulling drawbars, and is paired with a 125 Leslie that has been modified into a 142!
Hammond B-2
455 is a Hammond A-100 in a walnut finish.
Hammond A-100
448 is a 1957 Hammond C3 for sale this is in excellent condition.
1957 Hammond C3
418 - Hammond BC for Sale
1936 Hammond BC
316 is a 1955 Hammond C-3 in a walnut finish.
1955 Hammond C-3

Organs to be restored

556 is a 1971 Hammond B-3 for sale!
1971 Hammond B-3
551 is a Hammond C3 in a Blond finish.
Hammond C-3
#538 is a 1969 Hammond A-105 in almost mint condition!
1969 Hammond A-105
536 is a 1965 Hammond B3 for sale!
1965 Hammond B-3
521 is a 1961 Hammond B-3 for sale!
1961 Hammond B-3
519 is a 1955 Hammond C-3 in a walnut finish.
1961 Hammond C-3
506 is a 1964 Hammond A105 with some minor sun fading.
1964 Hammond A-105
466 is a 1957 Hammond B-3 in a mahogany finish.
1957 Hammond B-3
462 is 1964 Hammond A-143 in a fruitwood finish, to be paired with a Leslie 45.
1964 Hammond A-143

Our Current Inventory Playlist

Please enjoy this playlist of each organ we have currently set up and for sale. If you would like more information about a specific instrument, please refer to the pictures below.