Here at Keyboard Exchange International, our goal is to provide our customers with defect-free products that provide them with years of trouble-free use. To ensure this, every Hammond organ that goes through our extensive restoration process is held to the highest standards that are – in some cases – better than new. This internal restoration practice has been standardized to conform to quality standards. We are so confident that our organs will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers that we include a short period of our warranty on all our Hammond organs free of charge.

Unless otherwise specified, all organ sales will include 90 days of our warranty free of charge. This becomes effective on the original date of delivery and will cover the cost of parts and labor. The annual rate to extend the warranty will depend on the number of Leslie speakers and will include annual preventative maintenance near the end of that year. If renewing, please contact us at least 30 days before the warranty expiration as the warranty cannot be prorated due to use and wear on the instrument over time. If there is any lapse in coverage, service calls can be purchased on an as-needed basis. Our extended warranty is required for all in-house financing options and the cost is worked into the monthly payments. If electing to finance the purchase in-house, the first payment is due 30 days from the date of delivery and includes zero-interest terms with no penalty for prepayment. A 4% cash discount is available for any remaining balance paid in full via wire transfer or check.

The warranty excludes the speaker cones in the Leslie, which can be damaged by high-volume playing. All our Leslie speakers have been equipped with a new Jensen subwoofer and the original V-21 compression driver has been re-coned. Please retain the factory-suggested volume levels to avoid damage to speakers for the best long-term results. Acts of God, any work completed by technicians not selected or provided by Keyboard Exchange International, and damage that has occurred due to improper moving after delivery are not covered by our warranty. Digital organs are excluded from the annual service as part of the extended warranty, while international sales and organs not of the Hammond brand are excluded from our warranty. Any organ cannot be covered with a warranty after 5 years from the original date of delivery.

Download a copy of the warranty information here